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"Vital Factors" Distinguishes the Leadership and Life Lessons of Stearns' Katherine Le and Glenn Stearns

"VITAL FACTORS: The Secret to Transforming Your Business and Your Life" is a new business book on leadership and management that devotes a chapter to Stearns executives and their leadership results. The text, written by Lee Froschheiser and Paul Chutkow, describes stories of 24 business leaders who each face a colossal business problem -- and about how each solves the issue and triumphs.

The chapter entitled "The Big Red S", focuses on Stearns Founder and Chairman Glenn Stearns and Stearns Lending President Katherine Le. Their powerful management drove unprecedented growth in 2006 breaking monthly, quarterly and six month revenue records.

Stearns Lending President Katherine Le, fled Vietnam in a crowded, rickety boat. Through grit and courage, she made her way to California, learned English, put herself through college and landed good jobs in banking and finance. Her formula for success was always the same: Self-reliance and working harder than everyone else. As she climbed the corporate ladder, that formula served her well until she encountered life factors that forced her to learn balance and a sustainable leadership style. Her journey is explored in Vital Factors.

It was with perfect timing that Stearns Founder Glenn Stearns, brought in a management training firm named Management Action Programs ("MAP") to further develop his executive team's leadership skills and continue to build upon a winning formula. Lee Froschheiser, the co-author of "VITAL FACTORS," is also the CEO and President of MAP, and learned about Stearns and Katherine Le's story through this engagement.

"I have always been a believer in our talent and MAP has been a driving force in the developing our company. It has enabled Stearns to prepare a successful business strategy that has catapulted us to a new level of success", said, Glenn Stearns. "Katherine Le is an example of how our philosophy of recruiting the most outrageously talented professionals in the industry has led to our success. I am proud to have Katherine's inspiring story told through Vital Factors."

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About MAP, Management Action Programs
MAP offers business leadership training to organizations nationwide through its branches offices in the western US. MAP has been sharing its expertise for 46 years by helping more than 12,000 organizations and 150,000 individuals reach their professional and personal goals through the Management Action Program. MAP enhances the business leadership training of its alumni through on-line seminars, an active alumni network and consulting services.
Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business - And Your Life by MAP CEO Lee Froschheiser and Paul Chutkow was be released in hardcover this November. The book offers the essence of MAP's business leadership training and will help readers chart a course for success in their own personal and professional lives.

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